Sacramento FHA Streamline Refinance


According to the executive order announced in January 2015, FHA will almost immediately cut .5 percent from the annual premium for the FHA backed loans with terms greater than 15yrs. For most FHA loans this will reduce the annual premium from 1.35 percent of the loan balance to .85 percent. Loans with balances above the loan limits in effect in most areas and with current MIP of 1.50 to 1.55 percent will see new premiums of 1.00 or 1.05 percent respectively. The upfront premium for all loans will remain unchanged at 1.75 percent.

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If you recently purchased your house using FHA financing, you are required to make 6 mortgage payments before being able to take advantage of an FHA streamline refinance.

Streamline refinances a different from a regular refinance because they do not require as much documentation and are much easier to do.  There is no appraisal requirement so the current value of the house is not determined, there is obviously no appriasal cost and lender fees are typically reduced.

Borrowers with old mortgage insurance premiums will be refunded a prorated portion and new premiums will be charged for the new loan.  Since mortgage insurance premiums have gone up over the years, this makes it more difficult for existing FHA mortgage note holders to refinancing into a lower rate and be able to save money.  However, with current record low rates it is very possible you could see a possible rate and payment reduction!